What is QADPZ?

QADPZ ['kwod "pi-'si] is an open source implementation of a system for distributed computing. The system allows the management/use of the computational power of idle computers in a network. The users of the system can send computing tasks to these computers to be executed, which can be in the form of a dynamic library, an executable program or any program which can be interpreted (Java, Perl, etc.). Platforms supported are Linux, Unix, Win32 and MacOS X.

The system is a client-master-slave architecture, using message based communication. Messages between the components of the system are in XML format, and can optionaly be crypted for security reasons.


Open source under the GNU General Public License.


We simply needed a simple and flexible system for distributed computing which we can use for our research experiments.


The aim of this project is to create a platform independent and easy to use tool Q2ADPZ, which will allow multiple users from remote sites to use the computational power of idle computers in a LAN (for example computers from labs or offices).